Q What is Ultracapacitor? What features does it have?

Ultracapacitor energy storage device with high power, wide operating temperature and excellent reliability.

Q What makes LS Ultracapacitor different from the products of other companies?
LS Ultracapacitor is leading the market with state of art technologies. 3.0V highest level of Ultracapacitor voltage level had been achieved since 2011 and released lug type product recently. We are developing its technology to meet diverse needs of customers including low resistance (0.23mΩ) suitable for high power applications.

LS is keeping high level of product quality through cutting-edge quality control system.

Q Why are there different capacitance, type of terminal & cell design in the product line-up?

The product line-up is optimized to meet diverse customer demand. Medium capacitance cells (100~600F) are using snap-in & lug terminals. 100~120F cells are available with snap-in terminal, 350~600F are available with snap-in & lug terminal. Large capacitance cells (650F~3400F) are cylindrical cell design with bi-directional terminals. Please refer "Product" for further details.

Q Can it be possible to produce high voltage Ultracapacitor product?

LS is releasing 3.0V state of art level of product in the market with Lug terminal design recently.