General information

Comparison with other Batteries

High Energy & High Power

Ultracapacitor is unique energy storage device to offer high power and high energy simultaneously compared with conventional electrolyticf
capacitor and battery. The high content of energy stored by Ultracapacitor in comparison to conventional electrolytic capacitor is came from
activated carbon electrode material having the extremely high surface area and the short distance of charge separation created by the opposite
charges in the interface between electrode and electrolyte.

High power, long shelf and cycle life performance of Ultracapacitor originate in the energy storage mechanism differing from battery. In battery,
energy is stored and released via chemical reaction inside electrode material that cause degradation of overall system. On the other side, Ultra
capacitor uses physically charge separation phenomena between charge on electrode and ions in electrolyte at the interface. Since charge and
discharge process are purely physical and highly reversible, Ultracapacitor can release energy much faster (with more power) than a battery that
relies on slow chemical reactions and can be cycled hundreds of thousands of times without deep effect on performance

  • Different unit between Ultracapacitor (Farad) and battery (Ampere
    hour) makes users to get confused when adopting Ultracapacitor in
    their system.

    The amount of energy stored in ultracapacitor can be easily calcu
    lated by using following equation.

    Energy (Joule) = ½ x Capacitance (Farad) x Voltage2 (Volts) It can
    be converted from Farad for Ultracapacitor to Watt hour unit which is
    normally used for conventional rechargeable battery.

    Energy (Watt hour) = Energy (Joule) / 3600 (sec) LS Mtron recom
    mended to operates ultracapacitor from maximum voltage to half
    voltage and release ¾ of total energy.

  • Capacity of Cell Ultracapacitor
    Conversion to Battery
    (2.8V - 1.4V)
    120 F

    350 F

    3000 F
    98 mWh

    286 mWh

    2.45 Wh