Module Capacitance Rated
Dimension(mm) Part Number Spec
58F 16.8V 22 245*47*76.6 LSUM 016R8L
0058F EA
5.8F 168V 240 235*367*79 LSUM 168R0L
0005F EA
250F 16.2V 2 311*166*70 LSUM 016R2C
0250F EA AG
500F 16.2V 1.7 67.2*416.2*175.9 LSUM 016R2C
0500F EA
500F 16.2V 1.7 470*166*70 LSUM 016R2C
0500F EA AG
250F 32.4V 3.3 137.1*426.6*H184 LSUM 032R4C
0250F EA
166F 48.6V 5 194.5*419.5*175.4 LSUM 048R6C
0166F EA DC
166F 48.6V 5 471*418*71 LSUM 048R6C
0166F EA YJ
166F 51.3V 5 590.4*136*181 LSUM 051R3C
0166F EA
93F 86.4V 11.3 517*265*210.5 LSUM 086R4C
0093F EA
62F 129.6V 13.2 720*405*226 LSUM 129R6C
0062F EA
4.1F 403.2V 450 795*185*179.5 LSUM 403R2C
0004F EA C2

LS Ultracapacitor has separate ultracap module development team to develop custom modules.
All your request could be realized with our custom module specialists. Please fill the Ultracap Inquiry Form and send it to us.

LS Ultracapacitor's module design specialists are ready to prepare your custom module.

Specification of LS Ultracapacitor cell/module may change without prior notice for production improvement.
Please contact LS Mtron Ultracapacitor team for further details.