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LS Ultracapacitor is heading to be “Global TOP No.1 Ultracapacitor company”.

Thank you for your interested in LS Ultracapacitor.
Finding optimized energy storage solution for customer is our highest priority. Guided by our slogan “Global company
that grow up with customer by providing a differentiated energy storage product & solution”, LS Ultracapacitor is
keeping its challenge for the future.

LS Ultracapacitor R&D kick off at LS Cable in 2005 and start mass production since 2007. We are continuing our
changes & innovation through R&D activities after spun off from LS Cable to LS Mtron like 3.0V rated voltage cell
development in 2011.

LS Ultracapacitor is representative Korean company that has its own electrode, cell and package technology. We are
competing world-class Ultracapacitor companies by developing best-in-class product through our outstanding
people. We will grow up to make winning partnership with various customer by providing leading solutions.

We will be a partner that can be beloved & trustful one to our customer & global market. LS Ultracapacitor promise to
grow up as Global No.1 Ultracapacitor company by achieving “Be the One” like our company vision.

Thank you very much.